Australia's Golden Outback Holiday Planner 2022/23

WITNESS the result of geological forces of colliding continents, long-gone oceans and destructive meteorites, and marvel at spectacular rock formations. DISCOVER the unique native flora and fauna and be treated to the dazzling annual display of wildflowers every July to September. CONNECT with culture, stories and legends that map thousands of years of human history. LEARN The self-drive trail visits 21 sites of natural, cultural and geological significance in a region where you can develop a deeper understanding and connection with the land. Ancient lands. Brilliant skies. The Murchison GeoRegion is an aspiring UNESCO Geopark taking you on a journey through a unique and ancient landscape full of stories that reach back almost to the Earth’s beginning some 4.54 billion years ago.

FP Murchison Geo Region

GETTING THERE If you’re driving one of the

Outback Pathways or experiencing a Station Stay, the Murchison GeoRegion Trail is never far away. Visit the website to download the app or call into a local Visitor Centre for more information.

about the geological significance of the landscape, the largest gallery of Aboriginal rock paintings in Western Australia or explore the remains of a fine brewery carved deep into the rock.

WEATHER April to October is the best time of year to visit the Murchison GeoRegion. ROADS Most of the GeoRegion sites are accessible for all vehicles. Please check road conditions before travelling. RESTRICTED SITES

Due to cultural and/or safety reasons, some of the sites are closed to visitors without prior booking. Please check with local Visitor Centres.


Ancient lands Brilliant skies

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Cue–Dalgaranga Rd, 47 km southwes

2. Wilgie Mia

Mia is the oldest continuous

With 30,000 years of activity, Wilgie mining operation in the world.

No camping

Place of Red Ochre – it holds est underground Aboriginal tural earth pigment containing ld Range 30–65 million years ding red, yellow and green. re sparkled against the light art of Aboriginal culture used in body paintings. The red ochre ustralia as far as Ravensthorpe, ell as into Indonesia in what international trade. Wilgie Mia ted site in 1973, acknowledging

Known also as Thuwarri Thaa – The the honour of being largest and deep ochre mine in Australia. Ochre is a na iron oxide and was formed in the We ago. It comes in various colours inclu When used as body paint the red och from a fire and was seen as ‘magical ’. Ochre was and still is an important p ceremonies, medicines, and rock and fromWilgie Mia was traded across A the Kimberley and Queensland, as w is believed to be the first example of was declared a protected and restric the importance it has to Aboriginal cu

MORE INFORMATION Go to to download the free app to map out your trip and keep a record of your travels. Pick up a copy of the trail guide and map at a local Visitor Centre or download from the website.

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