Australia's Golden Outback Holiday Planner 2022/23

Top travel tips for exploring Australia’s Golden Outback

If you are new to wandering out yonder here are some tips from the experts at Western 4W Driver.

Preparation is always key to a successful travel adventure. Here are some things to bear in mind: Make sure you get your vehicle serviced before you depart . This ensures that you don’t experience any costly mechanical surprises when travelling. Share your plans. Let someone you trust know where you are going and when you are planning to return. No one has starved to death in the Australian outback in recent history; however plenty have perished through lack of water. Plan on carrying two to four litres per person, per day between destinations. Avoid sipping water, always have at least a cup full when drinking (sipping only satisfies the desire to drink for a short while but does not get the fluid into your body where it is needed). If you breakdown or get stuck somewhere, stay with your vehicle . It is easier to find a vehicle than it is a person. Stick your bonnet up so that any vehicle that is driving past can see that you are broken down. Always carry a first aid kit . Ensure any items you use are replaced as soon as possible.

Here are some handy items you should have on board: Buy yourself a good quality, 12-volt air compressor . You will need it if you want to drive on sand or corrugated roads. When pumping tyres back up, check how hot the compressor is getting and maybe let it cool down a little between tyres. Stay on track . Don’t rely on Google Maps to get you to where you are heading. You will have limited mobile

Check current road conditions prior to departure by going to travelmap. If you are planning a route that is not a major road, it’s also a good idea to check with a local road house or local visitor centre before departure. Learn how to operate your vehicle safely by completing a 4WD course . Learn from the experts how to drive your 4WD off-road, how to recover yourself when you get stuck and become more confident when travelling along remote roads.

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