Australia's Golden Outback Holiday Planner 2022/23

Daily Vehicle Check (P.E.T.R.O.L)

Get yourself a dirty gear bag to hang off your spare wheel and put your rubbish (and any you find) in it. Empty it when you come into town. Some driving tips: AWD or 4WD . Many SUV’s are constant AWD. That doesn’t make them 4WD. When you are on gravel, engage 4WD to ensure better road handling and stability. Make sure you switch back to either 2WD or AWD before you are back on the bitumen otherwise you can do serious damage to your vehicle. It’s a popular myth that you need to drive as fast as possible to get a smooth ride where there are corrugations. This is NOT TRUE. Driving fast over corrugations limits the contact your vehicle has with the ground (you are effectively skipping over the corrugations), resulting in less control and the possibility of a serious accident. If that isn’t enough to dissuade you then feel your shock absorbers. If they are too hot, then you are driving too fast. If you continue, it won’t be long until your suspension suffers a catastrophic failure. Drop your tyre pressure and reduce your speed. keep our beautiful country as pristinie as possible

signal and many tracks and back roads are not shown. Google will also avoid gravel roads where it can so it may take you on a route longer than it needs to be. Invest in a good quality GPS and have a paper map or road atlas as a backup. We recommend getting your hands on a HEMA HX-2, great for on and off-road navigation. If you haven’t already, install a UHF radio in your vehicle and learn how to use it. When travelling on the highways, tune into channel 40. You can easily communicate with other road users, particularly the truckies. Don’t be afraid to talk to them if you are trying to overtake. Keep your conversations brief and to the point so that others can use the channel. Bring cash with a range of notes and change . Don’t rely on internet being available to run eftpos and your Apple iPay as you travel. Get yourself some prepaid mobile cards . Telstra has the best regional coverage but Optus is best through our National Parks so having both available is a good idea. It’s important to activate them before departing when data is easily accessible. If you brought it with you, take it with you. Keep our beautiful country as pristine as possible. Take all your rubbish with you . Rubbish bins can be scarce or not emptied very often.

PETROL (or fuel type for your vehicle). ELECTRICITY – battery condition. Check fluid levels TYRES Check tyre pressure, look for RADIATOR Check the coolant level via the overflow reservoir. Check the washer bottle level. OIL Use the dip stick to check engine oil levels LIGHTS Check headlights, indicators etc bulges, tread damage etc

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