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MORAWA Shire of

hosts a vast collection of memorabilia, including the world’s sixth largest collection of windmills, a wide array of farming implements and machinery of historical interest, and the original Morawa Police Station. Open most days during Wildflower season and on request outside of the season. Koolanooka Springs Koolanooka, meaning, ‘place of plenty wild turkey’ is an ideal place for a picnic, see the wildflowers and gain a picturesque view of the surrounding land from the top of the ironstone formations that encapsulate the springs. The picnic area provides barbeque and toilet facilities. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE The Morawa Visitor Centre opens seasonally during the tourist season from July to October. Located on Winfield Street, this is the place to find out where the top flower displays for the season are. The best spots for flowers can change and the local volunteers keep a lookout for wildflowers and can also let you know what else to do while you are in the region.

Among the multitude of species in the area are the bright orange wild pomegranate, bright pink native foxgloves, many species of orchids, grevillea, acacia, purple darwinia and dampiera, thriptomene, smokebush, woody pear, cassias, eremophila, blue cornflower and yellow bells. Astrotourism The Shire of Morawa has some of the clearest and darkest night skies ideal for stargazing. Bring your telescopes and cameras to fully capture this pristine environment, or simply look skyward to enjoy some stargazing when you come for a visit. Places of Interest Everlastings during wildflower season. The Pintharuka Dam was established for settlers’ use in 1936. In the backdrop are the Moonagin, Karrakarook and Milhun Ranges. Legend has it that War Rock received its name when war occurred between two Aboriginal tribes many years ago. The Gnamma Hole is usually full of water particularly after heavy rains. Bilya Rock Bilya Rock 20km north of Morawa is a large granite outcrop, surrounded by bushland, making it an enjoyable place for picnicking and bushwalking. On top of the rock is a large cairn of rocks built by John Forrest as a trigonometrical survey point in 1874. Historic Canna Store Built in 1929, the Canna Store is located 43km North of Morawa, (60km South of Mullewa). The owners have a wealth of knowledge and can advise you on walking trails in the area. This location provides information only; food or fuel are not available in Canna. Morawa Museum TThe Morawa Museum is located on Prater Street and is run by the Morawa District Historical Society. The Museum War Rock, Gnamma Hole and Pintharuka Dam Hills at Pintharuka are alive with

MORAWA 350km north of Perth

The Shire of Morawa is located on the traditional lands of the Yamatji People. Morawa is an Aboriginal name, possibly derived from Morowa/Morowar, referring to the Dalgite, a small, burrowing, rabbit- eared bandicoot formerly found in the area. WILDFLOWERS Morawa is often referred to as the ‘Heart of the Wildflower Country’. Carpets of everlastings are a big attraction, and the area is also known for the unique and distinctive Wreath Flower.


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Morawa Visitor Centre 34 Winfield Street Morawa WA 662 T: (08) 9971 1421 T: (08) 9971 1204 (Morawa Shire Office)

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