Australia's Golden Outback Holiday Planner 2022/23

Pick up an entry pass and head to the Fitzgerald River National Park. This is truly the road less travelled and the large, botanically significant park is divided into two recreational areas with a central wilderness core closed to all traffic to protect it. Unsealed roads from the north are suitable for 2WD and have spectacular views across the heart of the park. There are hike trails and a choice of camping sites within the park or at coastal locations east of Hopetoun. You can enter the park near Hopetoun via the east entry station on Hamersley Drive, which is sealed. Many consider driving the Nullarbor Plain Australia’s greatest road adventure and, with an excellent highway such as the Eyre to follow, the temptation to get behind the wheel and explore is irresistible. Take off into the West from the border town of Eucla down the sweeping highway into the scenic lower Nullarbor around Mundrabilla, then pause to look back at the lookout at Madura. The Eyre Bird Observatory, a remote research station, has fantastic programs (check them out online) and the 10th hole of the Nullarbor Links course at Cocklebiddy is a top introduction to the World’s Longest Golf Course. The aptly named 90 Mile Straight will bring you to Balladonia by nightfall. Explore the remains of Skylab space station at the nearby museum, then eyre highway & nullarbor links 2 Days | Sealed roads

continue west towards Fraser Range Station, an outback oasis well worth a visit or a station stay (check re-opening dates online). Take your time and savour the sense of space and timelessness that makes the Nullarbor unique. Soon you’ll arrive at Norseman, the end of this 880km trip and the Eyre Highway. Next to the town’s cute tin camels is a photographic gallery where the region’s stunning landscapes are captured in prints. To appreciate the vastness of the place, drive up to Beacon Hill Lookout before heading either north to Kalgoorlie or south to Esperance.

54 | Esperance & the Southern Coast |

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