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major find that sparked a gold rush and established a town named after his trusty horse. Gold has been mined ever since. The Great Western Woodlands holds hundreds of different species of native flora and fauna. The coppery gimlets shimmer in the sunlight and are just one of the many eucalypts found in the area. Explore the woodlands through bushwalking, photo opportunities, drive trails and camping. Vast and ancient salt lakes are remnants of huge river systems from the Ice Age are quite intriguing. These offer excellent photo opportunities with the salt crusts forming odd shapes, creating mirages in the summer heat; and eye- catching sunsets that contrast against the glistening white of the salt lakes. The Nullarbor From Norseman Woodlands to Eucla Coast, you’ll embark on one of Australia’s most epic road trips: the great Nullarbor Plain. This is a harsh and unique landscape, home to various wildlife, including wombats, wedge-tailed eagles, and whales. Crossing the Plain is one of the world’s great road adventures with plenty to see. Looking for an excuse to stretch your legs along the way? Make sure you pack some golf clubs to play on the world’s longest golf course - the Nullarbor Links. Get your player’s card stamped at every hole and receive your certificate at the end of the course! Historical Museum The Norseman Museum is another must- see. Formerly known as the School of Mines building, the historical museum is well worth visiting with displays added

Norseman Visitor Centre 78 Princep Street, Norseman WA 6443 T: (08) 9039 0040 E: Visit

Norseman Located in the south east of WA, the town of Norseman is the gateway to Western Australia. The Shire of Dundas has a diverse landscape, home to remote and rugged coastlines, the famous Nullarbor plain, spectacular granite outcrops and vast sparkling salt lakes. Norseman also sits in the heart of the ecologically significant Great Western Woodlands, the world’s largest, untouched temperate woodlands. The Ngadju and Mirning people are the traditional owners of the land.

Aboriginal cultural heritage draws visitors to the region to learn about and experience local Ngadju and Mirning culture through tours, arts and sharing of knowledge and heritage. Gold was Norseman’s original claim to fame when prospector Laurie Sinclair and his horse Norseman passed through only 20kms north of the original Dundas townsite. When his horse went lame, Sinclair discovered that the piece of rock lodged in Norseman’s hoof was gold-bearing. Excited by his lucky find, he continued prospecting resulting in a

Norseman Woodlands Cultural, Community and Visitor Centre

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78 Prinsep Street, Norseman WA 6443 T: (08) 9039 0040 E: Whether seeking information, enjoying the interpretive displays, watching the murals come to life with AR technology, or shopping for a souvenir to show off after your travels, the Woodlands Centre has everything you need. The Woodlands Centre is a must-see with friendly staff ready to welcome you to Norseman.


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