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in Queensland to Laverton in Western Australia via Alice Springs and Uluru, is an awe-inspiring journey through the heart of Australia’s most breathtaking and remote desert landscapes. Laverton Outback Gallery Adjacent to the hotel, the Laverton Outback Gallery displays a wide range of local Indigenous art that you can view and purchase. Billy Goat Hill Lookout Situated at the top of Hawks Place you’ll get a bird’s eye, panoramic view over the township and beyond. Old Police Precinct Visit the original Police Sergeant’s house, the Police office and the gaol, all of which have been extensively refurbished in recent years. The buildings are open from 11am to 1pm daily or by appointment.

Old Police Precinct

Outback Gallery

laverton 955km north-east of Perth

Windarra Mine Site Lookout The lookout provides panoramic views over the famous site and its main mining structures that remain standing. Lonely Bush Graves For those intrigued by the ghoulish and macabre, the lonely bush graves will leave you with a chill down your spine as you note that disease, accidents, suicide and murder were common causes of death in the small town. Legend says that some past souls still haunt some areas of Laverton. The Outback Way (aka Australia’s Longest Shortcut) The 2,800km route that links Winton

Located 955km north-east of Perth, on the western end of the Great Central Road which forms part of the Outback Way, Australia’s third strategic link, is the outback mining town of Laverton - once known to be the wildest town in the west. Laverton was founded by Dr Charles Laver, a keen prospector who rode his bicycle from Coolgardie into the area and was active in attracting investors to the small town. From the very beginning, Laverton developed as the centre for commercial and social activity. Today, the small town with a population of just over 340 people, features a range of accommodation options including a caravan park, hotel and motel. Laverton also has a supermarket, service station and sports club. For those following the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, Laverton is the northern most site on the Trail (site 13) with a few places of interest. Places of Interest The Great Beyond Explorers’ Hall of Fame Take a step back in time with explorers who led challenging expeditions through Central Australia during the mid to late 19th century. Using cutting-edge technology, the characters and their stories of the past are brought back to life, providing visitors with a rich visual history of the Northern Goldfields.

Billy Goat Hill Lookout

The Great Beyond Visitor Centre Augusta Street, Laverton WA 6440 T: (08) 9031 1361 E:

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